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Online Services Management Suite


Our database is modular in nature, since not all Disability Service office provide the same accommodations. It is also scalable, so it can support 25 to 2000 students and above that are receiving accommodations.

Realizing that each individual college or university is unique, our web application is customizable. We listen to our customers and work alongside with them to achieve a common goal: serving students with disabilities effectively and efficiently.

Accessible Information Management's Online Services Management Suite was developed by individuals who work, and currently serve, in the capacity of helping educational institutions accommodate students with disabilities. AIM LLC has assisted thousands of students by providing Disability Services offices with a comprehensive suite of web-based tools enabling personnel to create, unify, and manage their disability services accommodations. AIM LLC has worked, and continues to build, dynamic relationships with various colleges and universities which provide valuable input and feedback into an ever evolving product.


Interested in finding out more about AIM LLC and schools that are using our software? Please contact us at and we can provide you with additional information.

Cost of Implementing

Because our database is modular in nature, you can choose the services or accommodations you need.

Our yearly maintenance fee is simple based on the number of modules and current students you are serving yearly in your office. (Archived students and service providers such as notetakers are not counted.)

We are serving schools ranging from 25 to 3000 students. It is our commitment to provide same level of services to our customers.

Contact us for a price quote.

User Interface

AIM LLC developers have spent almost a decade developing user interface that will work for students with disabilities.

Our guiding principles are to be simple, clear and concise! Our application was built based on feedback provided by our most valuable customers: students.

Key Features

  • Customizable

    Adjust what you see on the fly. Your staff can change wording or templates and other features on almost all fields. AIM LLC appreciates the uniqueness of each disability services office. Thus, our software allows you to customize your forms to best fit your needs. Some of the customizable fields include: disability types, accommodations, groups and affiliations, and student preferences. Online Services Management Suite also lets you customize and personalize faculty notification letters, equipment checkout forms, electronic release forms and information specific to your organization.

  • Tracking Equipment Checkout

    Provides means to inventory equipment owned by the department and tracks all equipment checked out by the users.

    Screenshot of a page where you create equipment checkout form.

  • Tracking Furniture or AT Equipment Placements

    Provides means to locate, inventory, and report on furniture utilization each term based on student accommodation requests.

  • Managed by Campus Location

    Do you have multiple campuses you are trying to unify under a single software? Our application helps you to manage accommodations by campus locations.

  • Single Sign-On and Data Synchronization

    Our application supports your campus Single Sign-On solutions (i.e. CAS, SLDAP, and Shibboleth) and we also have interfaces available for data synchronization with the main database system at your campus. (i.e. PeopleSoft, Banner, etc).

  • SMS (Text Messaging)

    Reach out to your students, when they opt in for:

    1. Alternative testing reminder.
    2. New note that are posted by notetakers (if you are eligible for Notetaking Services).
    3. Important notification from the department.
  • Metrics and Demographics on Demand

    Allows you to run real time reports on any demographic desired. It includes all disability types, number of students, term by term comparison and provides trends over time.

  • User Management

    Search for your students based on disabilities, student affiliations, documentation status, intake status, eligible accommodations, ethnicity, and other criteria. Our software solution allows you to reach out to your students (based on disability, certain type of accommodations, etc) through integrated email functionality.

    Our Student Center helps you manage your students easily and efficiently. This feature contains the student's profile, a list of all accommodations requested by the student, case notes regarding the student, appointment history and a list of all equipment checked out by the student. Move toward a paperless office with the Online Services Management Suite. You can upload student documentation or case notes to the system effortlessly.

    All email sent by our database will be stored under each student profile. A mailbox feature records and stores the email and is located in the User Service Center.

    Upload student files as necessary. Centralize all your student information in one secure area. Access specific information in seconds to gather the information you need quickly and easily.

    Screenshot of a page where you can find user.

  • Accommodation Requests

    Allow your students to request accommodations they are eligible for. The entire accommodation form is dynamically generated and tailored to each student's eligibility profile. The system also tracks other student information which can be useful for reporting purposes. Additionally, you can keep track of notes or the progress of your students that only your staff can access.

    Keep track case notes and appointments for each individual students. Generate a report for each student in details, including time spent for appointments and list all services provided to student.

    Screenshot of a page where student only can requests what they are eligible for.

    Screenshot of report page for a specified student.

  • E-Application for Prospective Students

    Allows the staff in your office to accept prospective student applications electronically. The system allows students, a physician's office or another school to upload documentation electronically.

  • Alternative Formats

    Provides information on current requests as well as tracking all past alternative format materials and requests. The system can be linked to your bookstore website to retrieve book lists for each student request. The system allows your department to upload scanned receipts and to copy publisher permission to the database. It provides a comprehensive list of completed materials, current materials, and students receiving alternative formats in general.

    Keep track of the cost of producing books in alternative formats. Alternative format student employees in your office can keep work sessions to track the progress of each book.

    Screenshot of work order for alternative formats.

    Screenshot of a page where you can upload publisher permission and work session.

  • Alternative Testing

    Provides a means to match proctors, locations and students requiring testing accommodations. It lets you schedule your staff and students as necessary to fill your testing needs. The system also allows testing coordinators to see at a glance all testing request and generates email reminders to the students, staff, and proctors.

    The system also allows you to track students with late exam requests and to specify a minimum days requirement to request proctored exams. The system only allows students to request accommodations they are eligible for.

    Screenshot of a page where student can schedule exam.

    Screenshot of a page where you can control minimum days to request exam.

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing

    Provide means to manage DHOH requests quickly and easily. The system is capable of generating class schedules by term and week, which allows the DHOH coordinator to assign transcribers or interpreters in the class. Additionally, it maintains a video captioning library and manages video captioning requests for the students.

    Keep track of your cost of producing captioning videos. DHOH student employees in your office can keep work sessions to track the progress of each video.

    Screenshot of a page where list all current schedules.

  • Notetaking Services

    Provides information management on notetaking requests and allows class note takers to be matched up with students requesting notetaking accommodations. Also provides a mechanism to provide payroll and invoicing to student employees as well as a notetaker rating system that allows students to rate their various notetakers.

    It also allows the notetaker to sign up online and upload notes electronically. The system notifies students in the classroom whenever new notes are uploaded electronically. The system also keeps track of notes the student downloads in the classroom.

    Screenshot of a page where student can download notes electronically.

  • GPA Report

    It is important to keep in touch with students who have challenges in school. This feature allows you to upload a list of student GPAs to the system. The system will process your entry and provide you with a comprehensive report on the academic progress of your students. Also, you can contact the students who have certain GPAs (e.g. under 2.00) and whether they requested any services.

    Screenshot of Student GPA Report.

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