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DS Starter Edition


The DS Starter Database solution is an excellent standalone database software that allows you to manage your accommodations and services for students with disabilities. It has much of the functionality of the hosted Disability Online Management Suite, while keeping costs down and allowing you to keep your confidential student information in-house.

30 Days Free Trial

If you are unable to attend CSUN, please contact us at with:

  • School name
  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

System Requirements

  • 1.6 GHz Dual-Core Processor (x86)

  • 2 GB memory

  • Internet Broadband Connection

  • Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 Professional

  • Internet Information Services 5.1 or better

  • Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Chrome

  • 200 MB hard drive space

  • 10 GB additional hard drive space (for uploading files)

Cost of Implementing

  • Design for school with less than 100 students
  • One time cost to implement
  • First year Software Upgrade Assurance (SMA)
  • 30 days of Email Support. Response within 24 Hours included with purchase.

Contact us for a price quote. Our email address:

Key Features

  • Easy to Use and Configure

    What you see is what you get. No HTML knowledge necessary.

  • Accessible via all screen readers

    Compatible with all contemporary browsers.

  • Customizable

    Adjust what you see on the fly. Change wording or templates and other features. AIM LLC appreciates the uniqueness of each disability services office. Thus, our software allows you to customize your forms to best fit your needs. Some of the customizable fields include: disability types, accommodations, groups and affiliations, and student preferences. DS Starter also lets you customize and personalize faculty notification letters, equipment checkout forms, agreement letters, your organizations information, and email signature.

    Customize accommodation group and type. DS Starter is the only software that allows you to group your accommodation types and to determine whether the accommodation type can be included in a notification letter or can be requested by students.

  • Comprehensive Faculty Notification Letter

    DS Starter tailors each faculty notification letter for each student. Each notification letter includes: instructor, student, and class information. All eligible and requested accommodation for the student. Additional notes from the student profile and templates.

    DS Starter records first and last attempt(s) to send or print faculty notification letters.

  • Integrated Email Functionality

    Send and track email based on the integrated mail tool.

  • Appointment Management

    Manage appointments and schedule/track appointments.

  • Paperless Environment

    Upload student files or documentation to the system.

  • Equipment Tracking

    Track equipment in your department and view number of usage of each equipment.

  • Manage Accommodations

    Add student accommodation requests that are tailored to that student and based on the student's eligibility. Search through a simple and easy to use user interface to locate specific accommodations.

    "Print" or "Email" faculty notification letter based on the student preference. DS Starter's email feature allows you to send or print all notification letters with "one click" of a button. DS Starter prevents printed or email notifications to be sent or printed for a second time (unless you ask the system).

    1. Student Management

      ONE stop area for managing student information, equipment checked out, sent emails, student notes, list of appointments, and student's files.

      Search for your students based on disabilities, student affiliations, documentation status, intake status, eligible accommodations, ethnicity, and many more criteria. Our software solution allows you to reach out to your students (based on disability or certain type of accommodation) through integrated email functionality [1].

      Our Student Center helps you manage your students easily and efficiently. This feature contains the student's profile, a list of all accommodations requested by the student, case notes regarding student, appointment history, and list of all equipment checked out by the student. Move toward a paperless office with the DS Starter. You can upload student documentation or case notes to the system effortlessly.

      All email sent by the application will be stored under each student profile. A mailbox feature records and stores these email and is located in the Student Center.

    2. Alternative Format

      DS Starter helps you manage your books requests based on student preference.

      Upload publisher permission requests and proof of purchase from students to the system.

      Generate work order to track your E-Text process and identify how many work orders generated for a specific book.

    3. Alternative Testing

      DS Starter allows you to scheduled exams based on student's eligibility. Manage a list of proctors for your alternative testing accommodations.

      "Exams Du Jour" allows you to preview your exam requests for the day and send reminders to instructors, students, and proctors.

    4. Deaf and Hard of Hearing

      "Master Schedule" allows a coordinator to view deaf and hard of hearing requests by classes. Use this functionality with Microsoft Outlook 2007 (or newer) or other free email client (i.e. Mozilla Thunderbird) [2].


  1. Email functionality will only operate when your SMTP server settings are specified correctly.
  2. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.


DS Starter Layout

DS Starter Layout

Example on How to Add New Type of Disability

Example on how to add new type of disability

Screenshot of Alternative Format Feature

Screenshot of alternative format feature

Screenshot of Alternative Format Work Order

Screenshot of alternative format work order

Screenshot of List Appointments

Screenshot of list appointments

Screenshot of Equipment Inventory

Screenshot of equipment inventory
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