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Generate Metrics

Obtain instant metrics and information on your unique demographics. Provide metrics on primary disabilities, target specific groups, or perform trend analysis.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. We Get It! Your Process - Your Students!
  2. It's all about the experience of the student - designed with the student in mind.
  3. We understand what it means to be accessible (WCAG 2.0) and we pay great attention to Usability.
  4. Everything under one roof, starting with the online student application to deaf and hard of hearing access to furniture placement.
  5. We work with schools starting with 50 students to 3000 students (more than 10,000 Notetakers).
  6. You never need to pay for application updates
  7. Turn Key Solution - We store your data securely and ensure that your application running smoothly.
  8. Numbers Numbers Numbers! Detailed reports by each student and all services provided by your office.
  9. Not 50% or 90% - we help you be 100% paperless.
  10. We listen to our customers (not one or two - but all).
  11. Robust online student application allowing multiple staff to review documentation electronically.
  12. Student dashboard is customizable based on their eligibilities.
  13. Unmatched features and controls for alternative testing.
  14. Notetaking with built-in student feedback.
  15. Keep track of all production costs for E-Text and Video Captioning.
  16. Easily manage transcribers and interpreters schedule (including automated substitute request).
  17. Many more features! Contact us for a demo!
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